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This company was established in 2006 by Joe Mmola and Thabiso Molewa.
The company started by taking sub-contracts from friends and other established developers and civil engineers such as Maowasha Construction. Today, Letjema Construction is capable of running high budget projects - thanks to it's strict project management style, and dedicated staff. One of the key objectives of Letjema is to create employment and eradicate poverty.
Letjema is a level 3 BBBEE contributor and complies with CIPRO, SARS and department of Labour requirements.
Please click here to download our BBBEE certificate.
To become an integral part of our customerís business and become a service provider of choice.

Deliver outstanding value and service to our customers.
Always strive for customer satisfaction in terms of deliverying service on time and as economical as possible.

Customer Service: We will put our customer first in whatever we do.
Quality: We will be consistent in delivering our service, irrespective of the size of the work.
Time: We will deliver service in the most convenient and on target.
Safety: All our employees will adhere to safety regulations as defined by our customers and the construction and civil governance standards.